Virgin Group on Deforestation & Renewable Fuel

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Virgin Group on Deforestation & Renewable Fuel

by M. Khamal Murray 

Virgin Group Chairman, Sir Richard Branson has been petitioning and working on the cutting edge of environmental endeavours for the last decade towards an aim of both saving the earth and increasing the viability of human life in concert with the environment. The mega billionaire who is also touted as a risk taker has admitted several times to not having fully conceptualize his adventures, which have seen him marooned in an air balloon over the pacific ocean where he was certain that he was going to die. However, regarding environmental initiatives Branson is fearless.

The 61 year old Branson who is dyslexic has not let the condition limit his goals and endeavours, he has launched a new initiative at his spaceport with the intention to monitor deforestation with his satellites. This will give governments and environmentalist a more accurate grasp of the tremendous impact to the world plant landscape and identify which regions are suffering from illegal logging and hopefully provide the best solutions for conservation.

The Virgin magnet also explained that his companies seek the best ways of impacting the environment. At the end of 2011 Branson also announced that Virgin plans to introduce new “green” aviation fuel on Virgin planes in the next two to three years. The company also has a mandate to reduce as much carbon emissions as possible. Virgin will soon be able to use waste gas from aluminum and steel plants as fuel, adding that the aviation industry should be aiming for 50% renewable fuel by 2020. Because the industry is embattled with fuel cost, (25%-40%) of the running cost of airlines, they are always looking towards viable alternatives.

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